Hernia Surgery

What is a hernia?

Hernias are a defect in the muscle of the abdominal wall. They are a gap or a hole that the contents of the abdominal cavity, such as fat, intestine and/or other organs, tend to be pushed through by the normal pressure that occurs within the abdomen. As this material pushes through the hernia defect, a bulge or localized area of swelling will become evident. There are many types of hernias; the site of this bulge will vary according to the type of hernia and the size and location of the defect. Certain activity such as exercise, coughing and lifting will increase the pressure within the abdomen. As a result, more abdominal contents may to push through the hernia defect, and the bulge gradually increases in size.

At Canadian Surgery Solutions we provide corrective laparoscopic surgical hernia repairs for the two most common types Umbilical and Inguinal Hernia.

Most people who have laparoscopic hernia repair surgery are able to go home the same day. Recovery time is about one to two weeks.

You most likely can return to light activity after one to two weeks. Strenuous exercise should wait until after four weeks of recovery.

Studies have found that people have less pain after laparoscopic hernia repair than after open hernia surgery.

About Post-Surgical Recovery

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